Key Features

  • Designed to address your daily cleansing needs.
  • Effective cleanser is enriched with salicylic acid.
  • Known for its exfoliating and clarifying properties.
  • Perfect for daily use.
  • Helps combat breakouts, unclog pores, and promote a clearer complexion.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser – 150ml

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Experience a cleansing revolution with the COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser – a meticulously crafted solution that transcends the ordinary, delivering transformative results for your daily skincare routine. This cleanser is enriched with the potent properties of salicylic acid, renowned for its gentle yet effective exfoliation and clarifying prowess.

Step into a luxurious cleansing experience as this formula effortlessly removes impurities, excess oil, and dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized. Ideal for daily use, the COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser is designed to address common skincare concerns, making it an essential addition to your daily regimen.

Salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), dives deep into the pores, dissolving debris and combating breakouts at their source. The result is a clarified complexion with reduced blemishes and improved skin texture. Suitable for all skin types, this cleanser strikes the perfect balance, ensuring a thorough cleanse without over-drying or causing irritation.

The COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser doesn’t just stop at cleansing; it sets the stage for optimal skincare by preparing your skin to absorb subsequent products more effectively. Elevate your skincare journey with this exceptional cleanser, where science meets indulgence, leaving you with fresh, balanced, and blemish-free skin every day.

Make COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser your trusted companion for a radiant and revitalized complexion. Transform your daily routine into a skincare ritual with this powerful solution, providing you with the foundation for healthy and beautiful skin.

1 review

1 review for COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser – 150ml

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  1. rajrobin878

    It’s Very well Products For Oily Skin. This Product is Helping My skin Healthy.

    • Acne Control
    • Reduce My skin Oil & Sebum
    • Unclog My Porse

    I feel my Skin Smooth & amazingly Healthy.

    I Am So Helpful For Hretu’S Worldest This Item .

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